Barefoot Advanced Tips

1. Good Form
Make sure that you have developed a solid foundation of foot & ankle strength, flexibility and Bareform movement skills that will help you make a smooth transition into minimal footwear.

2. Test Yourself
To double check that you are indeed running in proper form, test yourself. Wear a necklace around your neck.   If it bounces, shift your weight more over your knees.

3. Strong Body

Build strength, suppleness & skill before stamina and speed. Build a base of foot strength, flexibility & Bareform movement skill for two-to-four weeks, before you focus on going longer or faster in your Merrell Barefoot shoes.

4. Lean

Once you have mastered Bareform, add ‘lean’ into your running. Maintain good posture and think, “Lean from the ankles – and – fall tall forward”. This approach helps keep proper alignment, a balanced landing and an up-tempo cadence while moving smoothly forward at all running speeds.

5. Variety

You will get added benefits from the Merrell Barefoot program by varying your training environment once you have built a solid base. Don’t be afraid to try your barefoot shoes on variety of surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel, dirt, mud, bark trails and even the occasional mud puddle.