Tips for Finding your Merrell Bareform

Stretch it out. Assess your overall level of fitness. Check out Walt Reynold's Full Length Movement Assessment at

Stand Up Straight. Keep your shoulders back and relaxed and arms bent between 45-90° for optimum posture.

Balance Your Foot Landing.
Your foot strike should be nearly ‘pancake flat’ and beneath your hips rather than extended far from your body. Keep your knees bent and soft rather than stiff.

Count Your Cadence.
Your feet should touch the ground at 180 foot strikes per minute. Running to music of 180 beats per minute is a great way to keep up your cadence.

Keep a level head. You'll avoid heel striking when you keep your head level. You can also wear a necklace or item around your neck. If the item bounces, shift your weight more over your knees.

Check your footprints. Run through some sand or mud. Balanced foot landings will leave an equal imprint of your heels and your toes.

Listen. Landing balanced on your midfoot should be very quiet. If you’re heel striking, the sound of your feet hitting the ground is significantly louder.

Have Fun! Make a natural connection with the earth, and enjoy all the benefits of going Barefoot outside!